Sunday, June 20, 2010

Watching Lost: Part 1

So after even the people closest to me fell for Lost, I just gave up. I decided to watch it, but not just watch - analyze. Cause when the series cause such mad following worldwide - there must be something wrong with them. So far I've seen about 6 episodes, so here are first impressions.

No ugly people survived the plane crash. Or if they did - they are just extras, walking around in the background and get no screen time. I'm not saying everyone is a knockout, but surprisingly many are rather good looking. All men are in pretty good shape. Most of the folks are 25-35 years old, and the few oldies there are - are also pleasant to look at.

As one could expect from a movie with multiple characters, it filled with very particular types. Doc - savior and leader, rockstar junkie, dude from Iraq (which translates from American as terrorist), an Asshole without moral principles, father and son pair, a lovable fatty, and a Miracle Man - likely to become Lost's own priest, philosopher or prophet or smth. With women it is way easier: there is a sweetheart babe, a femme fatale and a prissy bitch. Plus - two freaky Koreans (still cute).

But now about major faults. Prissy always looks like she's just out of the beauty salon. I mean, at some point Babe was asking Femme Fatale about a comb! Prissy seems to have it all, complete with a hairdryer and a hairdresser. She's always wearing visible makeup - from the very first day, before anyone had time to rummage through suitcases. Femme Fatale seems to have a set of clean t-shirts in her pocket - also from the very first day. They fit her perfectly - so it looks like they're hers.

The (potential) Terrorist is always wearing a spotlessly white t-shirt - either he must clean it and bleach it every day, or he has a stash of them, likewise in his pocket. Fatty also has a change of clothes and considering his enormous size, only his own stuff could fit him. Well, its good to know that even if you're Lost and stranded on an island - there is still a better chance to get your luggage on time than on a regular flight.


  1. Of course, it's a fantasy world. There are many small inconsistencies - but does it matter? Do yourself a favor - watch at least 4 seasons (not just 6 episodes) - you'll fall in love with them, promise.

  2. You need to watch a few more episodes.
    These are the annoying elements of Lost
    All the rest is good (until 4th season at least).
    I still need to watch the rest