Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dexter’s back for Season 5

With a lack of promotion – hey, it didn’t have a new poster on imdb, until today – it was easy to forget that “Dexter” is indeed returning for season 5 this weekend, September 26 to be precise. The creepily silent comeback of our favorite maniac evokes the memory of Michael C. Hall’s very recent battle with cancer, but it also feels like the premonition of the next’s season’s mood, which, judging by Dexter 5 Comic Con trailer, is going to be decidedly grim.

As the season 4 ended with, quite literally, a bloodbath – with Dexter’s wife, Rita, in it – the new chapter starts out dreary. Dex is overcome with a quite new sensation – guilt, his adopted teenage daughter hates him and he is the main suspect in the investigation of Rita’s murder.

For me, the main question is, will Dexter keep or lose his sharp witty ironic tone, or will he get totally depressing and sad. I certainly hope not. After all, while Rita’s death was quite shocking, it was somewhat expected. As a character she was completely exhausted, and after she showed us Dexter as a struggling family man, there was nowhere else for her to go.

But now her death will become another test for Dexter’s ability to keep things in order. Especially that he finally caught the attention of police – ironically, for the only crime he didn’t commit.

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