Sunday, February 21, 2010

BAFTAs: "Coraline"

"Coraline" - My Choice for Best Animated Feature.

The animation breathes Tim Burton all the way through, and indeed - producer, director and writer for the film is Henry Selick who directed "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Thus "Coraline" serves as final proof that talent for making dark cartoons is in his blood.

The film is a little lonely girl's ominous journey into a "better" world that's actually rotten inside. Little girl is Coraline who discovers a trap door in her new home and walks over to another dimension populated by kind, affectionate and fun duplicates of her moody parents and creepy neighbors. The only thing that sets the "duplicates" apart from the real people, is buttons for eyes.

That and many other elements creating the perfectly eerie atmosphere in Coraline's world make the cartoon enjoyable for viewers of different ages, especially the fans of Burton's fantasies.

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