Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Cop Out" is so out

Roger Ebert just confirmed what I suspected - newest Kevin Smith's flick "Cop Out" is complete crap. When I first saw its poster on Smith's twitter page, I thought: another white cop/black cop action comedy? Bruce Willis playing yet another cop? Why did Smith bother with that? I was neither impressed much by the trailer - it hardly contained a single really funny joke or anything remarkable at all. The presence of Sean William Scott, whom I consider among the lamest American comic stars of today, was even more disappointing. And now Ebert completely trashed the film.

My conclusion is: Smith is really in need of the money. And no matter how much he would defend this creation on twitter, I would keep on hoping that he really knows it sucks. After all I liked his previous "Zack and Miri." So I keep on believing that Mr. Smith is not "out" just yet and his next project will be worthy of my attention.
Here's Roger Ebert's full review.

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