Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Zoolander": take two

Who would have though it - nine years later, Ben Stiller's Derek Zoolander is coming back! Stiller will co-write the screenplay with Justin Theroux, writer for "Iron Man 2" and "Tropic Thunder," who will also direct. Jonah Hill is in talks as villain for "Zoolander 2" - and that I would really love to see. Owen Wilson hasn't signed up yet, but I don't believe he'd miss a chance to be "Hansel" again. And clearly Stiller will call up some celebrity buddies to add in quite a few cool cameos in the movie.

"Zoolander" was hilarious in its utter idiocy. Stiller's typically affected representation there felt like a trademark - you almost started to "believe" in Zoolander. After all don't we consider models completely and hopelessly dumb - until they prove otherwise? But all those years later, Zoolander can surely no longer model - he's just an unbelievably clueless middle-aged man in love with his "handsome" looks. So let's see how they will squeeze him back into the fashion industry - as a designer, perhaps?
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