Sunday, February 21, 2010

BAFTAs on the way

It so happens that this year I have managed to watch only a few of the films featured in the nominations for 2009's major awards. Still, in view of the BAFTA ceremony tonight, I make my own "predictions" of the films that I think should win - of those that I saw. Totally biased, I know, but either way - those films deserve to be honored. Even if there are those that deserve it more. See full list of nominees here.

"Moon" - My choice for Alexander Korda Award for Outstanding British Film of the Year

The obvious associations with Tarkovsky and Kubrick, "Moon" quickly dispels by taking us into some very different territories. Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) is marooned on the Moon. He has an important but rather dull job, his only connection to the real world are recorded video massages and his only company is a robot voiced by Kevin Spacey. His wife and child await him on Earth and he can't wait to get back as his contract runs out. Instead he's about to discover a shocking secret.

Rockwell is flawless in this solo performance and director Duncan Jones does an equally great job. In the world that's so quiet for the most part, he uses music to build up tension. And the image of Bell's moon vehicle against the background of faraway Earth ("I just want to go home!" Bell cries inside) is one of the best expressions of loneliness ever seen on screen.

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