Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kurt Cobain movie in the talks

So it's been partially confirmed - Kurt Cobain biopic may be happening. Actually, its surprising that Hollywood with its passion for exploiting lives of all iconic personas, especially those who have died a tragic death, haven't tried to film Nirvana's frontman story until just now. Of course there was Gus Van Sant with his "Last Days" about a musician who looked just like Cobain, but mainstream audience requires a much more clean & clear life and death story. Oren Moverman was picked out as the most fitting director - as the writer of Bob Dylan biopic "I'm not There," he may be just the right man for the job. However the writer here is David Beinoff, who had his Cobain screenplay ready since a couple of years. Beinoff has written "Troy" and more recent "Brothers." But for fans the most crucial question is who will play Kurt and that's still unknown.
MTV movies blog has more details here.

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